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September 2013

I'm working on a replacement for this site. Follow my progress at Community Web Design. This is an experimental site, watch out for the launch of the finished site in the near future. 

Chris Sissons

Ask Chris

1 January 2013

  • Why do we evaluate projects?
  • Do we need to collect evidence?
  • How do we collect it?
  • For whom?
  • When?
  • What do we do with it?
  • Will pictures of the event suffice?
  • Who should be involved?
  • How long should it take?
  • Examples of doing evaluations
  • Examples of bad practice
  • Examples of good practice
  • What would be the needs of the funders?
  • How long do we keep it?
  • Will it just gather dust on the shelf?

Charlie, W Yorkshire

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Website Design

spider webYour project or church website is integral to your work and should be considered alongside other decisions you need to make.  I can offer web design services on a stand-alone basis or as a part of a wider project development brief.  I understand churches and community projects and so can assist with your website development from a real understanding of your readers and of project development in the community and voluntary sectors.  If I help with your project development, I’ll be in an excellent position to assist with your website design.

This service is under development and new services will be added over the coming months.  This page shows you what I can offer at present.  Keep checking back because the site will be updated as my knowledge and skills develop. 

Analysis - Website Development
spider web Tangled Ropes

Was your community or church website designed some years ago? It's likely it will have fallen behind the latest technology and not been kept up-to-date. Whether you are thinking of starting a new site or want to review an existing site, an appraisal based upon your wider project development needs may be what you need.

  1. I can help design a new site from scratch.  The design will identify the purpose(s) of the site, its potential users and the financial and technical constraints on the site.
  2. I can review your old site and help you identify changes to make it fit for purpose.
Planning - Website Design
spider web Plans and drawing equipment

When people talk about web design they can mean one of two things (or both). Sometimes they mean the overall design of the site based upon the needs of the project, potential visitors and technical constraints. Sometimes they mean the look of the site, its artwork, images and general appearance.

  1. I can help you get a small site together and online.  You will need to supply content for the site, including text, images and videos.  I can help with the technical writing for the site.
  2. For large or complex sites, it may be necessary to work with a group with greater capacity than I can manage.  I can help you prepare a brief for the group and assist with negotiations.
Implementation - Content Management
spider web Equipment Of Under Construction

Websites easily get out of date. I can help you keep your site up-to-date, which might include adding new material, removing old material and checking links are still working. This service will still depend upon you supplying new information, images, etc for inclusion on the site.

  1. I can assist with the technical writing you need to keep your website up-to-date.  I will need information supplied by you to turn your data into copy for the site. 
  2. I can monitor use of the site, ensure it remains optimal for search engines, etc.
  3. Alternatively, I’m happy to pass on these skills to someone on your team.